2017 Recap

What a year! Only four more days left of the year, the perfect time to start reflecting on the past time and preparing for future.

2017 was chaotic in the eyes of the media with people like Donald Trump causing controversy wherever he goes or in whatever he tweets, natural disasters following one after the other and the disgusting side of Hollywood pushed into the spotlight.

Unfortunately, you might have missed some good news brought to you by twitter user @atkins_jacob1: Scientists have found a way to successfully rebreed sections of the Great Barrier Reef, children labor rates have declined by half since 2000 and the snow leopard has been taken off the endangered species list (see more here).

In my first annual Mandy’s Wardrobe recap of ‘Celeb’s Living Life‘, let’s go through some things that Celeb’s did. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range dominated the beauty industry and her inclusive line is a huge step in the right direction for all lovers of make-up, Cardi B smashed all kinds of records and Beyoncé birthed twins while Kylie may or may not be pregnant (ain’t nothing wrong with new life). 2018 will bring a Royal Wedding as African-American Suit’s actress, Meghan Markle, will be breaking into the British Monarchy now that she and Prince Harry are engaged! Many a celeb — Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez and Gina Rodriquez to name a few — engaged their celebrity status for good to help the people of Puerto Rico (while Trump swished paper towel rolls…). Despite the events of the Oscars, Moonlight did win best picture this year, a win for the people of colour, and Wonder Woman killed the box office, a win for women. This hits just the tip of the iceberg. Also, the most I N C R E D I B L E runway show of my lifetime at least, the original Supermodels strutted their thangs down the Versace Runway! Peep this picture and try not to pass out. Ma-gic.

Versace - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

L to R: Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Donatella Versace, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen (Venturelli/Getty)

We cannot forget that this year mass shootings took our children and our music lovers. Ariana’s One Love Manchester Concert raised $13 Million for the victims of the May 22 attack and the Vegas Strong Benefit Concert raised $700,000 for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. The world came together to show love trumping hate.

The Silence Breakers started a conversation many didn’t know we need to have. These empowered people shared their stories and the accused are finally starting to get what they deserve. Thank you to Time Magazine for acknowledging the women who had the courage to tell the world and help pave the road for change. Stay woke, read more here.

For Mandy’s Wardrobe, I finally started to break past my own insecurities and work on doing what I love. I broke my goal of 100 Instagram followers and I uploaded my first YouTube video just before the years end. I wrote and I took pictures and I vlogged and I edited. I’m proud of myself and excited for what’s coming next.

Speaking more personally, I seized the opportunity to pack up my comfy life and move to Sweden. While I used to live under my parents roof, wait until I was called for dinner and relied on my personal Taxi service also known as my Dad, now I organise my own rent, cook for myself and live independently. Worth noting, especially given my past track record, in the four months I have lived alone I haven’t given myself food poisoning or burnt anything! Sometimes you have to be proud of the little things… I’m studying Graphic Design and Web Development at an International university, I’ve met so many wonderful people of all different cultures and I love it all. Thanks to my parents for the support and to my friends for helping to keep afloat. Most importantly, congratulations to me for doing you girl.

In the spirit of being proud of ourselves, reflect on your year and find something that you did for yourself that makes you happy. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! Ain’t nobody take care of you like you have to. If you made it another day, if you made it another year, then be proud of yourself. This year was rough. Everyone that I talked to had a rough year, but you made it! And you are about to walk into another year, whether you want to see it as a new opportunity or a plan to just keep on swimming like you already are, embrace your new year.

So, what’s the big deal about 2018? Hopefully, the important conversations aren’t left behind and we can learn from the mistakes we made the years before. The voices that started to break this year should just shout louder in the new while people miraculously stop being deaf and genuinely listen. Optimistically, love will be bigger than hate and the minority will be loosened from their chains. For my Marvel fans out there and for the people with good taste (shady), go do yourself a favour and see Black Panther in Black History Month (February), fall in love and then go see Infinity War! More things to look forward to in 2018 here (soon)!

As an effort to celebrate the year that has passed, keep an eye out for my 2017 favourites! Maybe there might be something you missed or something I missed and we can all share our favourite things of the year and be grateful for the gifts we were given.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready for the year ahead!

With love,


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