21 Facts About Me!

What better way to start off a challenge than a quick introduction. It’s been a while since I’ve laid out any facts about me and it’s important to get to know who’s on the other side of the screen. So, here I go!

1. My names have beautiful meanings and also are a lot to live up to! Amanda means ‘loveable’ (go figure) and my middle name, Ayodele which derives from the Yoruba tribe, means ‘brings joy to the home’. No pressure at all.

2. After graduating high school in Australia, I moved to Sweden to get my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Web Development. Currently in Sweden working for an e-commerce fashion company.

3. Used to be absolutely terrified of dogs! My mum encouraged me to say the mantra, “Dogs are friendly and I am safe” whenever I was in the vicinity of a dog. Not sure if it helped in the moment, but I’m definitely less afraid now.

4. I also used to be terrified of cats before we rescued a cat, George. No exaggeration, I was so terrified that I would close my bedroom door and since there was no lock, I would push my bedside table in front of the door to be certain he would not get in. Because, as we all know, cats can typically open doors.

5. I can (and will because I can’t help it) recite the whole of High School Musical and most of the sequels. This includes and is not limited to the stage directions, character movements, vocal inflections and dance routines. I’m obsessed.

6. I got my first tattoo on a whim a few months after I turned 18 and pretty much followed the same ethos for the other nine. Also, I got my tragus pierced a few weeks after turning 18 and tried to hide it from my mum. Tried being the operative word as that lasted less than 24 hours.

7. My birthdate is pretty cool. Albert Einstein was born on the same day, 120 days prior. It’s known as Pi day since the first three digits at 3.14 or March 14. Also! It’s exactly 1 month after Valentine’s day. Why is this so cool? Well, after listening to a Justin Bieber song, 143 also means I love you (1= I, 4=Love, 3=You). Did I mention my name means loveable? Kismet!

8. I swear a lot… like a lot a lot. I can restrain myself when necessary, but my natural vocabulary is sailor. I’m also super sarcastic!

9. Won ‘Most Likely to Die First in a Zombie Apocalypse’. I was on the committee for counting the votes and was tied for ‘Most Likely to dance backup for Beyonce’, but as one of the few black people at my school in my grade, the stereotype and microaggression was funnier. How differently I see this now…

10. I applied to be head of committee while I was at uni. My friend bet me to rap my speech, so I did. Easiest money I’ve ever made. The video is lurking around somewhere…

11. I built an IKEA couch, two chairs and a table by myself in an evening with reruns of FRIENDS in the background.

12. I’ve been to 5 concerts! First was One Direction, best was Little Mix and also the first I went to by myself. Yep, all by my lonesome because I was totally head over heels (and still am) and not having someone to go with was not about to stop me!

13. Take it as you will, but here is my astrological composition. Sun in Pisces, rising and moon both in Aquarius. I’m sure that says it all, right?

14. I’m obsessed with musical theatre. I have a dedicated Spotify playlist called ‘Ms. Darbus is QUACKING’ and I starred in my school production of Hairspray as Lil’ Ines. I was almost cast as Seaweed, but it was Catholic school.

15. When my family and I were holidaying in Los Angeles, we went to the Beverly Hills Hotel. This trip was memorable for a few reasons, but the main one is, only a few tables away, Alex Pettyfer. That’s right, Adam from Magic Mike (and other things) was sat right in front of me. We respected his privacy and oogled from afar.

16. In Nigerian culture, there is a naming ceremony. Everyone invited gets the opportunity to give you a name. As a result, I have my 3 legal names and 6 unofficial names. My Grandma named me Blessing (yeah, you’re jealous!).

17. Crew neck t-shirts, jeans and sneakers is my go-to outfit! (Weird insecurity about my arms, kind of modest dresser but those are stories for another day - Day 22)

18. After moving out on my own, I was most worried about being able to cook for myself. I’ve had many cooking adventures, so many stories for another day! This week though, I managed to bake cupcakes for the first time (maybe ever) without burning any and completely edible! That’s growth. Surprisingly, since moving out I’ve only given myself food poisoning once in 3 years.

19. Always wanted to work in the fashion industry. The specificity of the dream has changed, especially as I realised I couldn’t draw and don’t really have the patience for sewing.

20. My first job was at Nandos. Have you ever heard that people who work at restaurants will tire of the food? Couldn’t be me! 14,000km away and I still crave it everyday, even after work there for 4 years.

21. My friend randomly reached out to me to take part in a business competition at our university. We ended up winning as the only engineering students entered in the competition. And that’s how I got my internship turned job!

So that’s a little about me! Thanks for sticking around this long, let’s see what tomorrow has to offer for the #MarchChallenge!


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