21 Questions


I thought it was about time I introduced myself… and continue to procrastinate! I am horrifically bad at studying, but at least I am using my procrastination time to do something productive.

Without further ado, here are my 21 Questions About Me!

1. What are my favourite subjects at school? I really enjoy math because I’m doing the easier course, I’m loving Italian AND English funnily enough!

2. What’s my ethnicity? My mother is Swedish and my father is Nigerian, which makes me Afroscandinavian! I’m a proud, mixed-race baby!

3. What’s my favourite song at the moment? Absolutely loving DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber Let Me Love You, The 1975 Somebody Else and Side to Side By Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj. Of course I could not just choose one song!

4. What are my bad habits? I am guilty of being a stress eater and serial snacker! I’m also terrible with procrastinating and impulse buying.

5. What is the last thing I bought? A midi wrap dress and red wrap body suit, both from Boohoo.com!

6. What’s my favourite book? I really like The Intern and it’s sequel Faking It by the beautiful Gabrielle Tozer. I love the books because they embrace the kind of life I see for myself in the future and they are so easy to read.

7. What’s my favourite colour? Pink and I’m not ashamed!

8. Do I have any pets? I have a black and white cat named Missy.

9. What’s my favourite perfume? I’m living for One Direction’s One Moment! It smells so beautiful, it’s not too strong and it reminds me of fruits and flowers.

10. Have I ever been out of the country, if so how many times? Yes!! I’m fortunate to have travelled many times, thanks to having my family spread over three continents! I’ve travelled too many times to count and I’ve got a big trip at the end of the year.

11. What was my favourite holiday? I loved Italy! I’ve been there twice, once with my family and the second on a school trip. The food, the scenery, the fashion… what’s not to love!

12. Am I married? No, never been in a relationship or kissed for that matter!

13. Do I speak any other languages? I’m currently learning Italian and I’d say I’m fluent enough. Next year, I’m planning on taking an extensive course to learn Swedish. Oh! In primary school I learnt French and I remember more that you’d expect!

14. When’s my birthday? 14th of March! Same day as Albert Einstein… many years later of course!

15. What’s my favourite TV show? My favourite TV show is Teen Wolf (I promise it gets better after the first season!). While it’s on hiatus at the moment, I’ve been watching Empire, Pretty Little Liars, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How To Get Away With Murder and so many more. Quick ‘thank you’ to Netflix!

16. Do I prefer PC or Mac? I’m an Apple girl. All of my devices are Apple so it’s easier just to have a Mac and I love my MacBook Pro.

17. What phone do I have? My dad’s hand-me-down, iPhone 6 in gold.

18. How tall am I? I think I’m 162cm (about 5ft3, I don’t know exactly!)

19. Can I cook? You can ask anyone who knows me, I CANNOT cook! This will be a story for another day, but I genuinely cannot cook. No matter how hard I try, something is either burnt, inedible or exploded.

20. What am I scared of? Please don’t hate me… I’m petrified of dogs and animals. It’s an irrational fear that has haunted me my entire life. This could also be a story for another time…

21. What are my future ambitions? I’m an aspiring fashionista! I’m studying to become a fashion journalist, preferably for a glamorous and wonderful magazine, like Vogue. I’d love to be able to start my own magazine/blog. Also, I’d love to be a stylist for the stars. What can I say? I dream big!

There you go! Hopefully this gives you a better idea of just who is behind the Fabulously Mandy blog!

Stay Fabulous!

With Love, Mandy

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