22 Things I've Learnt in 22 Years

My favourite birthdays are usually ones that are sung about in hit songs. This year, I get to have my T. Swift moment - I’m officially feeling 22. I love to reflect around my birthday, how I can be better as I turn another year older. Here are 22 things I’m taking with me as I turn 22.

1. The grass is greener where you water it.

2. You will spend your whole life with you, you should make sure to at least like and respect yourself.

3. Life is better when you sing and dance like no one is watching, wherever you go!

4. Crying doesn’t make you weak and sometimes it’s better to just to let it out.

5. You can always learn something from the situation, good or bad.

6. Flowers make me happy so I will always have a fresh bouquet in my home.

7. Exercising isn’t always about weight loss.

8. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Even though this is easier said than done, at least learn to acknowledge when and fight to overcome it.

9. Gosh, darling, you are still so young!

10. Life looks so different for everyone, we’re all on our own paths.

11. Everyone doesn’t need to know your business, some things can be only for you.

12. People care about what you do less than you think so just go for it!

13. Listen to yourself. If it brings you pain or makes you happy, try to understand why so you can become better or do more of it.

14. Independence for you doesn’t have to mean no dependence at all. Humans need other humans to live.

15. High School Musical is the best trilogy ever.

16. Willingness to put yourself out there or ‘embarrass’ yourself will help others to be more comfortable.

17. Don’t forget to appreciate the small things: a blue sky, pretty view, cosy bed…

18. You have more power than you know! It starts with your thoughts, but you have plenty of time to learn that.

19. Always have something to look forward to, it makes living a lot nicer.

20. You’ve got big dreams kid! Don’t limit yourself and take every opportunity, you’ll never know where it’ll lead you.

21. Give yourself some credit, you underestimate yourself more than anyone else.

22. Maybe take a bit more time to think about those tattoos.

Happy birthday to me!


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