Black Friday Haul

The holiday season is among us and that means lots of shopping and, hopefully, lots of sales!

Black Friday videos online are always chaotic and hectic scenes. Luckily, I have never experienced a day of shopping like that. I can’t really recall ever experiencing a Black Friday sales day at all. Celebrating Black Friday is something that is relatively new in Sweden according to my Swedish friends, so it’s not nearly as intense as in America. Also, I’m not sure if it’s celebrated so much as an opportunity to have sales. Some of the sales were unbelievable and I was happy to take advantage of them still keeping in mind my student budget. So, here is my Black Friday haul!

Metallic Wine Puffer Jacket | New Yorker


I feel like Black Friday is the perfect time to get your hands on the things you’ve wanted. Since moving to Sweden, I’ve had to desperately increase the number of warmer clothing I own and I’ve had my eyes on a shorter, thicker coat that wasn’t black (since majority of my winter items were already black). I’m so happy I picked out this jacket and I have, quite literally, worn it everyday since buying it. My favourite part about the jacket, hands down, is all the pockets! Two on the inside and two on the out, pockets are the best.

Knitted Shadow Sweater | New Yorker


For whatever reason, while I was out shopping I was in the mood for purple and green! I liked the combination of this sweater and the puffer jacket when I was looking at them in the store and felt inclined to buy it. It’s a perfect item for the season to layer up and adds some colour to my wardrobe.

Martine Knitted Sweater | Bikbok


I bought this sweater in the plum version and I love it! It is so soft and comfortable and I wore it as soon as I could. The sweater has a scallop type hem line, which I found is very flattering and unique. This deep purple is perfect for the cooler season and a colour you’ll notice that I’m basically in love with.

Jax Jacket | Bikbok


For the longest time I have wanted a leather jacket and I think I have finally found my one. The sale at Bikbok was 40% off everything, which was 50% off in my eyes, so I obviously had to buy it. I felt like I couldn’t really pull off any leather jacket I had tried on before and that they had been way out of my budget, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this one on and didn’t hate it! I think it’s too cold outside right now to whip it out during the Swedish winter, but I’m excited for spring to come around and, hopefully, see my wardrobe evolve. I’m sensing a leather jacket inspired lookbook in my future…

Plaid Scarf, Tassel Keychain and Beanie | Bikbok & New Yorker


Scarves/beanies/literally anything that will keep you warm are necessities during winter. In Australia, the scarf I had was as a thin as paper and I never needed to wear beanies. Here, in Sweden, I don’t think there is such a thing as too many layers. After the Black Friday sales, I have two scarves and two beanies. Honestly, I bought the scarf because the one I have was green and I thought this one would go with more outfits. I picked out the beanie while waiting in line, after saying I wouldn’t buy anything else, purely because it was a short beanie and the people I’ve seen wearing them always look effortlessly cool.

Biggest Mug Ever | Best Store Ever


I love mugs, but I have never truly appreciated a mug as much as this one! It is huge and absolutely perfect. When I saw it, I just had to have it and it was 30% off and it felt like the stars had aligned or something. I wish I knew where I had bought it from so everyone could have this wonderful mug.

And that’s my Black Friday haul! Let me know your favourite pieces and how you found Black Friday. Here is my only other haul and I have another lined up for the near future so stay tuned. Only 24 days until Christmas and then soon it’s 2018! Crazy how fast the year has gone by, but I feel like we say that every year…

Till next time!

With love,


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