Life Update

First thing’s first, I cannot believe I haven’t written anything since AUGUST! I suppose better late than never and I shouldn’t force creativity, but I was on a roll for a while there…

Anyway, I am back! I’m still trying to figure how exactly I will do photoshoots and where I’m hoping to take Mandy’s Wardrobe, but for now here is a little life update.

Since August 17th I have been living in Sweden. For reference, I used to live in Australia. I moved here to study a graphic design and web development course, which has been the highlight of my move here. The course is everything I hoped and I can’t wait to use my new found knowledge and skill on my blog. One of my first assignments was to create a magazine layout and I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming cause it felt like my dreams were all coming true. More recently I have completed an assignment about branding and creating a logo, another pinch me moment especially for thinking about the future of Mandy’s Wardrobe. Essentially my university course is a dream come true.

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshines and rainbows. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful and fortunate to be in my position, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have bad days. Moving anywhere new and restarting your whole life can be difficult for anyone. I feel like now I am in a position where I feel I am really settled in and comfortable with my new living situation 13, 797km away from everything I used to know.

IMG_0723 (1)

Always cloudy in Sweden

A lot of my issues and roadblocks come from growing up. When you grow up, some really shitty things can happen and most of the time they are natural and unavoidable. It doesn’t feel like too long ago when I would see people I considered my best friends everyday at school, but now we just don’t talk anymore. And I didn’t realise then, but I know now that it’s okay. It hurts like hell, you worry that you might have done something wrong or that they don’t care anymore, but most times that just isn’t the case. While it’s sad to see people move on, you can see who your closer friends will be and you have the opportunity to make new friends.

Learn from my mistakes: stay calm, but be honest. In the heat of your emotions, you can get carried away and become completely overwhelmed by how down you feel. Trust me, I know. You’re not clear headed and your fired up by all the wrong emotions for rational thinking. Take a breath, most importantly — SLEEP ON IT. I exploded, like literally exploded. I let my feelings get the best of me. I felt like I was valid in my thoughts, that it was me against the world. Firstly, you are always valid in how you feel because you have your own perspective, but so does everyone else. I wish I hadn’t reacted and waited for the storm to pass. When I was calm and more rational in my thoughts I could understand what I was really feeling and why I was feeling that way. Reacting with a fire under my ass cost me two friends, but I suppose everything happens for a reason.

IMG_1517 (1)

Autumn in full bloom

Almost three months in and I feel like I have made some really awesome friends. Luckily, I have plenty of time to get to know everyone better and maybe even make some lifelong friends. You really do have to put yourself out there and be open and considerate of everyone’s different cultural backgrounds and personalities, even more so at an international university like mine. It’s amazing to have international friends that can introduce you to new things, but also to see the similarities and bond over all your favourite things. It really emphasises that we are all just human and we should ALL be treated like we are (another story, but always relevant).

I am really young compared to most of the other students. My friends are anywhere up to 8 years older than me, so they find it amusing when I think I’m adulting when in their eyes I don’t know the half of it. That being said, I am really proud of myself. I moved halfway across the world at 18 to start a whole new life. I am in charge of paying my own rent, buying and cooking my own food, and other tedious chores that come with living alone. I have always wanted this, independence. It took me a bit to realise that independence wasn’t just the physical, but also emotional, something that also came with my emotional outburst. I feel like I have the physical under control and I’m working everyday to be more emotionally reliant, but that’s all part of growing up.

My friends over at Local Riot published their latest magazine on youth. I have an entry in it that I will link here. This has made me think of it because in a sense, I’ve lost some of my youth. I have had to become more mature out of a fear of failing and in order to look out for myself. Check out my article and the magazine for some interesting perspectives on youth! [Shameless, but relevant self promotion.]


Sweden’s best Australia

Also, funny story: I cut my own hair and I’ve been learning how to do my own eyebrows to save money because Sweden is a very expensive place. Cutting my hair is a funny story because when I have done so in the past it never ended well and I used kitchen scissors, to which my sister immediately responded that I will get split ends. Can’t wait to wash my hair and see the curl shrink my hair even shorter! Another reason I should not have trusted myself to cut my own hair, but as they say “c’est la vie”!

So that’s my life update! I hope you can see why I have been so poor with posting and updating and all of the blog related things. I want to do better because I truly love blogging and I am going to do better. This was different to what I usually do, but I felt like it needed to be written. Make sure to follow me anywhere for an upcoming room tour! If you want to see more photos, there will be some here!

Thank you for staying along the journey with me and I can’t wait to continue to explore this new experience and see where we end up.

With love,


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