March Playlist

I love music. On a deeper note, I don’t like to be in deafening silence when I can avoid it and music fills up the space with a bright tone. On the other side, music feels really comforting and fun for me. I’ll put on my favourite beats of the month or week or day or ever and belt at the top of my lungs. I even dance while I walk, I have absolutely no shame about enjoying my favourite songs wherever I am. Music just fills me with so much joy! I guess I’ve discovered a lot of my favourite artists by accident online or on the radio, but I also love to check out recommendations from friends and the classics my dad has past down with me. So here are some songs I’ve literally had on repeat this month. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite artist or a song that makes you feel good!

Last Love, Sinead Harnett

I fell in love with Sinead this past summer when a lovely friend of mine recommended her equally incredible single, Quarantine Queen, and now I’m hooked on the artist. As the lead single off her next album, she sets a beautiful tone for what’s to come. The hook will stay in your head all day and her vocals are angelic.In a couple of months with the release of her album, I’m sure I’ll recommend another hit from Sinead.

XS, Rina Sawayama

From recommendations to happy accidents, this song has been sitting in my recommended section on YouTube for a while typically off a Lizzo music video binge. Finally, I clicked on the sign and my life hasn’t been the same. The melody reminds me of a different era and feels super familiar, after listening I always crave a 90s fix. On top of that great beat, the lyrics actually mean something! While I love your average love song, it’s nice to hear a song that talks about consumerism in a way that doesn’t feel like it belongs on Sesame Street.

Pretty Please, Jackson Wang

My journey with Jackson has come quite a long way. Initially, I found him through my love of BTS and then grew obsessed with his group, GOT7. Today I stand here firmly on the side of Team Wang. Watching the credits roll at the end of the music video is enough to stan this man. Directing, producing, performing, the list goes on! It’s a fun song with a quirky dance by an effortlessly cool dude.

From Home, NCT U

More KPOP! Apparently I’m going through a 90s adjacent phase as this song also draws inspiration from classic R&B ballads. A beautiful song about how the group found their family with each other, celebrating the nationalities represented among the 23 members with lyrics in Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and English, it’s a touching and powerfully sung ballad.

As Long As You’re There, Glee Cast

Most of us had a Glee phase, even if our attention level varied with the later seasons. This song was unfamiliar to me when the lyrics and melody popped into my head recently. Given the interesting plot lines and bts scandals of the show, I’ve used Glee as an avenue to connect with different artists (introduced to a song by Glee, enjoy the song privately by the original artist). This song was written for the show and does not have a counterpart outside of the Glee universe so my Spotify Wrapped for 2021 might look a little embarrassing. Sunshine can sing! Like sing sing and I was happy to be reunited with this soulful hit.

Candy, Baekhyun

This song is my every mood type of song. If I want to chill out, the riff keeps you cool. Looking to start the party? This choreography goes to any song, I know because I’ve tried. If I have to recommend a song to someone these days, it will likely be this! It’s my go-to song these days and the first one I click when I open Spotify.

Sending My Love, Chloe X Halle

Another recommendation from a friend! They know me so well. Chloe X Halle are just insane and their Ungodly Hour performance at the VMA’s lives rent free in my head. This cover is so beautiful and these ladies voices are the definition of angelic. Their harmonies are enviable and there is no one like them in the industry. They’re just incredible and if you don’t know them yet, you will soon!

Happiness, Little Mix

I remember the first time I heard this song because I cried so hard. To be fair, it was a rough time, but the lyrics just hit a raw point. It was one of the more high tempo songs on this list. It makes you want to dance around and embrace yourself.

Outta My Head, Khalid & John Mayer

I have listened to this song at least once a week since it came out. It’s my shower song in the mornings when I need to ease into the day. The melody is smooth like butter and Khalid’s vocals flow so nicely. The guitar solo from Mayer is some of the only music I’ve heard of his and I love it.

One Sweet Day, Mariah Carey & Boys II Men

In my discovery of XS, my love for One Sweet Day was reignited while rummaging through the hits of the 90s. If you haven’t heard this song, you better put some respect on one of the longest charting songs of all time. Of course the song is incredible, but this is Mariah Carey vocals! Go reignite your memory of this great song.

What have you been listening to this month?


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