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So, we all do it. We all procrastinate and ‘waste’ our days away on YouTube. We’re all guilty of it. However, YouTube is full of so many amazing influencers that reach out to a variety of different interests and cultures. I tend to binge watch fashion videos, everything from hauls to lookbooks, and I also enjoy interior design or tour videos and vlogs and react videos and the beauty gurus. Basically I’m a huge fan of practically everything on YouTube. I feel like I have come across some YouTubers that do have a fair few subscribers, but aren’t quite the popular household type names like Pewdiepie and Zoella.

Staying true to the theme of my blog, I will be focusing on my favourite style, beauty and creative YouTubers.

Shirley B. Eniang


YouTube | Instagram | Blog | Twitter

Who is she? “Hi, I’m Shirley, a Blogger from London. I love expressing myself through my love for fashion, my personal style, photography and in writing. I have a good few beauty bits I love and swear by, and I share these along with lookbooks on my YouTube channel. I live life each day at a time, and I have big dreams and goals I’d love to accomplish one day. Thanks for stopping by, hope you stick around!” (From her blog)

Why I love her? Honestly, y’all are SLEEPING on Shirley! Her content is so clean and fabulous. I love her for her hauls and fashion videos, which she kills. She is honestly a ray of sunshine. I really enjoy watching her talk about what she buys, which sounds weird to say, but she really is wonderful. Her editing style is very elegant and classic that matches her aesthetic on all of her social media platforms. Her instagram is beautiful to look at, no lie. Truthfully, I love her. She also dabbles in the fine art of make up and uploads inspiring lifestyle/home decor/how-to videos that are guaranteed to make you love her too.

Fave Video Shirley’s lookbooks are probably my largest inspiration for what I would love to be doing. They are very well edited and so creative! She has filmed Olivia Pope inspired videos and date night ensembles. I had to choose her ‘My Autumn Style’ Lookbook! (Note: her shoe collection is to die for and comes in at a close second.)

Lucy and Lydia


YouTube | Instagram: Lucy/Lydia | Twitter

Who are they? “We are Lucy and Lydia, identical twins who are obsessed with all things beauty and fashion and music!” (From YouTube bio)

Why I love them? I have very similar interests to Lucy and Lydia so I genuinely enjoy watching basically everything they upload and wish that I could walk in their shoes. Again, these girls base their videos typically around fashion and beauty with the occasional vlog when they go somewhere fabulous or dance covers and, most recently, singing covers. They are a dynamic duo, they are so lovely and they vibe off each other in a way that is so endearing and fun.

Fave Video I love their ‘Get the Look’ videos where they manage to find exact items and outfits from stars music videos and recreate the looks. They have done looks from Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and, my favourites, Little Mix. I had to choose the ‘Black Magic’ video, which I’m sure was the video that made me completely fall in love with these girls (but here’s the playlist).

Jackie Aina


YouTube | Instagram | Twitter

Who is she? She is a professional make up artist based in Los Angeles. Her YouTube channel is dedicated to all things beauty.

Why I love her? Okay, being honest, I just recently found out about this gem, Jackie. As a WOC, I tend to gravitate toward darker skinned beauty gurus to get more of an idea of what the products will actually look like against my skin tone. Luckily for all us sisters, she stays up-to-date with all the latest beauty products circulating the web and gives honest reviews. In fact, Jackie was so honest in her review of Kim Kardashian-West’s new beauty products that Kimmy deleted their photo from her instagram. Also, she also serves and creates looks that are sure to inspire your next party glam or make up splurge.

Fave Video I feel like this video really shows off her personality, her skills and what subscribers can expect from her. When reviewing products, she gives it a fair test in proper tutorial. This palette had some controversy on the internet and came to her heavily requested. I chose her honest review of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.

Mr. Kate


YouTube | Instagram | Website | Twitter

Who is she? “Join me, Mr. Kate, as I take you on a journey through life, style, interior design, and DIY!” From Youtube description. A self professed creative weirdo!

Why I love her? I fell in love with Mr. Kate from her interior design videos, but she dabbles in the areas of style and beauty as well. She and her husband, Joey, are the perfect design duo and revamp spaces from zero to 100 in a few hours. She is so cute and so talented, she always makes her clients happy and creates so many versatile rooms. Really she’s just uber talented and makes rooms really pretty. DEFINITELY WATCH HER YOU WILL NOT REGRET!

Fave Video She has so many different series on her channel. My favourite is ‘OMG! We’re Coming Over’ where she transforms the rooms of internet stars, working with their individual tastes but always creating something amazing. My top pick from the series would be MyLifeAsEva’s Minimalist Beachside Bedroom Makeover just because it was the first one I ever saw and I can’t decide! (Here’s the season 1 and season 2 playlist!)

There we have it! I highly recommend you check out at least one person from this small list, you never know you might just find your new favourite binge-worthy channel! This was something a bit different to what I have done recently, but I hope you enjoyed this content. I have a few things still to come because I decided to have more than one photoshoot at a time, a concept I hadn’t grasped before apparently.

Let me know if you think there’s anyone I should check out and don’t be afraid to plug yourself in the comments!

Hope the rest of your week is amazing and that I’ll see you again next time!

With love,


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