Reflecting on Reflectly

Struggling with your mental health? Are you human? I’m guessing the answer is yes to both! Only joking, wrong to assume (ass out of u and me), but life can be hard and here’s something that is working for me. My cousin introduced it to me and after the short, free trial, I decided that some sense of mental stability was worth a pretty penny. For three months now, I’ve been using Reflectly.

Working on mental health is as important as physical, if not more. We eat vegetables, go to the gym and take the stairs but we struggle to find time for therapy or time off. What’s funny as well is that we try harder to upkeep a certain physique, but only reach to serve our mental state when we’re on the verge of a breakdown or already collapse. Some services work better for some than for others and there are plenty of avenues to try. For instance, while face-to-face therapy has been a good relief, on the other hand Better Help was a bit of a disaster.

Reflectly is like a friend that only gives and wants to hear everything on your mind. I love to write, but journaling doesn’t come as second nature to me. It’s fine for those times when I have too many thoughts and feelings, and it acts like a cathartic release for that moment, but daily journaling wasn’t something that felt necessary. There’s more to Reflectly than meets the eye. Not only is it a place for journaling, it also challenges you daily to reflect on something else like your earliest memory, something you're proud of or something you regret. Sometimes these questions really force me to take a step back. It’s astounding how a simple question from an app can cause any distress, but you’d be surprised! Notifications might usually be a bummer, but Reflectly seeks to inspire and motivate so I enjoy frequent notifications of a quote that might encourage me to think or put back into the right mind space for the day. Their friendly notifications also take daily reflecting to a new level as I couldn’t forget even if I tried. At 8:30PM every day, I get my daily reminder to check-in for the day, note how I feel, what might have made me feel that way in basic terms (work, hobbies, etc) and then write a little passage elaborating. Probably the most valuable of all the functions is the good morning notification.

One little thing in the morning can ruin your entire day so aim to start it off right if you can control it at all. Reflectly shares this! Everyday they send a little message with positive vibes, a challenge and a quote before wishing you a good day. The challenges are innocent but should push you a little out of your comfort zone or as you to appreciate something small. Personal favourites up until now are to stop to smell the roses, smile at a stranger and send a message to an old friend.

Inputting all of this information daily allows Reflectly to collect and analyse the data you give it. After a week, you can start seeing patterns in your behaviour and emotions, the things that have most control over what makes you feel good and bad. One thing I found interesting was a stagnant graph that inspired me to seek out something more interesting and fun for me so that I could track an overwhelming positive day rather than the constant ‘completely okay’ middle.

So that’s the few words I have for Reflectly. It is a paid system which also encourages me to use it daily so that I get my money’s worth but I was hooked after the free trial. Looking to improve your mental health? Reflectly might be worth a try for you!


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