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Guess who is finally posting again… Me!

My room was in desperate need of a spring clean and as someone who prides herself on being organised, I felt I had many tips that could be worthwhile for helping you help clean your room as well!

My room was an absolute mess! I recently had to take home all of my school stuff, I had a pile of clothes that I needed to be folded and an excess of material possessions. Unfortunately, the mess was gathering as I prioritised my studies instead. However, with my first round of exams over and three days to spare, I finally knuckled down to address the hazard that had become my room.

Tip 1! One Area At A Time If you focus your whole attention on one section, then you will find that your room will become cleaner more efficiently. Imagine this, you’re cleaning your desk and you find a book that belongs on your bookshelf. So you move to your bookshelf, but you haven’t started cleaning your bookshelf yet so where are you going to put the book? You might think, ‘I should clean my bookshelf’ however there are dirty socks in your bookshelf that belong in your hamper in your wardrobe. I hope you understand where I’m going with this. In avoiding this, I will start a few piles: one with miscellaneous items that belong outside of my room, a pile for items that belong in other sections of my room and a last one for things I should give away.


Tip 2! Carry Around Your Bin I hate to be the one to say it (but I really don’t), throw it away! I have five foundations and ZERO are my colour. Why am I saving them? No idea, so I threw them away! The best part about getting rid of things is clearing room for new things that you either want or need! I love throwing things away, however this makes me quite brutal in comparison to others. There are no survivors when I start cleaning. Make sure you’re not on the borderline of hoarding. Think ‘do I really need this’, ‘how long have I had this’ (magazines from April 2010 that you never read), ‘is this worth keeping’ or ‘does this work’. Or, in my case, ‘do I really need five of the same notebook that I don’t use’.


My basket of things that belong else, the infamous foundations and testing my pens (separate the strong from the blunt)

Tip 3! Second-Hand It Instead of throwing it out, try giving it away. If there is something that you don’t need, something that you’ve outgrown or something that you can’t wear (but it should be in decent condition), consider giving it away. I guess I’m quite lucky because I can usually hand down my old clothes or books to my sister and soon it becomes her problem. However, there are also charity stores if you can collect things to give away and one of the easiest ways to make money is just to sell it. Sites such as eBay or Gumtree are very accommodating and some people even start their own clothing sales from their homes. Some things don’t always have to be thrown out and can do some good for someone else.


Packing books for a charity store and sorting my wardrobe!

Tip 4! The Messier The Room, The Cleaner It Becomes You may find that your room is just getting messier and messier. No need to fear! The cleaning process is one of irony, in fact your room should be getting messier in order for it to finish clean. Why? You need to be pulling out items from every nook and cranny, and you will be if you are anything like me (aka Lazy and scatter random items in places they do not belong). Pulling out these items will probably create a mountain on your bed, but having everything out in the open will make it easier to see what has to be put away.

Tip 5! Wash Your Sheets While you are busily cleaning your room, this would be a perfect time to have the washing machine going. With a clean room, it is only fitting to have clean sheets. Usually, we can become complacent and forget to clean our sheets regularly, so think of this as a perfect time to remember. ALSO, enjoy your nice clean room and clean sheets by having a shower! Especially after cleaning your room all day and with fresh sheets, a shower is a fabulous way to celebrate.


My mum makes my bed better…

Tip 6! Spray & Wipe Empty all of your drawers, even if you don’t need to organise it and wipe it clean. Cleaning your room is not just about reorganising and trashing, but also time for actual cleaning. Wipe every surface, clean your make-up brushes and dust everything!


Don’t forget those hidden places!

Tip 7! A Rocking Playlist Music is honestly the best, right? When I’m cleaning my room, I love to have some 90s bangers, power ballads and musical numbers blasting in the background. I love to sing along to music, especially while I’m cleaning and music can completely lift your mood. I would also recommend watching a movie or a tv show, probably something that you have seen before so you don’t get too distracted in trying to follow the story, and also something light hearted. However, if you’re anything like me you will probably get distracted anyway…


Got me looking so crazy… from cleaning my room!

Tip 8! Sip Have a bottle of water on hand. It is important to keep hydrated and if you have water close by, you will be more likely to take a sip every now and then. Drinking water is just good for your well-being. Nuff-said.

Tip 9! Break Time Take. A. Break. While you’re cleaning, you will eventually get bored or tired of cleaning. Instead of pushing on, you will probably become lazy and just put things wherever you want just to get it over with, so take a break. Have a snack! Read that magazine you found in the middle of cleaning. However, don’t forget that you were cleaning your room and make sure to finish what you started.


Enjoying Vogue Australia and some Waffles!

I hope these tips could have helped you! I, as always, had so much fun cleaning out my room. There’s just something about a clean room…

Stay Fabulous!

With love, Mandy

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