Whatta Look! Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Welcome to the first of my new series I’m calling Whatta Look. After listening to a lot of 90s R&B, I couldn’t help but have Whatta Man stuck in my head and I ran with it.

These days I struggle to watch YouTube or scroll through Instagram without spending an extra moment analysing their fashions. The people I follow typically have a style that I live for! And our first special guest is someone who I have been obsessed with for years and is one of the most stylish, fashion forward and bold fashion icons since coming up on the music scene in 2011... Leigh-Anne Pinnock!

Initially I was planning to do a post about all of Little Mix and Jesy, but the longer I researched, the quicker my content for Leigh-Anne piled up. Known as the fashionista of the group, her style is always on trend and she takes the most risks for sure! After following them for almost a decade, you can sense what to expect from the girls, but Leigh is a bit less predictable. On top of amazing fashions, Leigh also best utilises her hair as an accessory and know how to complete a look. She’s literally fabulous from head to toe.

Now that I’ve hyped her up, here are my favourite looks of Leigh-Anne’s from the LM5 era circa 2018 to the present day. I practiced restraint, but it’s a bit hard when she could wear a plastic bag and I wouldn’t stop crying about it. Let’s do this!

Little Mix: The Search

Starting strong with maybe my favourite look Leigh has ever pulled off. The thick twists are so glamorous and this colour is so perfect on her. Though the dress is oversized, the string details help to cinch in the right places to create a flattering shape. AND THE SHOES! In the same colour as the string detail of the dress AND to also incorporate the lacing in the shoes. It just feels so incredibly thought out. I’m obsessed, she looks perfect!

Woman Like Me Music Video Look #1

Green is Leigh’s favourite colour and it’s clear that green also loves her! The structure of this blazer is ahead of its time from 2018 that would still be a staple in 2021. The fabric holds the design of the blazer so well, it just screams power! As someone who hates necklaces, the shape of this snake had me deep diving in google to find a dupe. It’s so delicate and feminine, and the round shape is so flattering especially with the round shape of the blazer. The rest of the styling was perfect as well. I see this outfit in my dreams.

Woman Like Me Music Video Look #2

Okay, so I love pretty much every look in this video but I had to shout out these two in particular. Leigh pulls off bold colours so well, but it’s nice to see simple colours that are more comfortable to digest with these detailed designs. At first thought, a beige jumpsuit is simple and ordinary. But this beige jumpsuit? Daring! Fun! Sexy! Cool! It’s a super feminine look that she dresses down with cool sneakers. As you can see, her hair is another main staple of this outfit. I can’t imagine it with any other hairstyle.

Little Mix: The Search Promotional Material

OKAY! So this little number is probably the most safe option. A nice, all black outfit that feels more digestible for us common folk which is precisely why I love it. While I’d love to try any of these looks, this is probably the one I’d be most comfortable wearing until I reach my peak confidence. The high pony allows the exposed shoulder to have a moment and you might notice the detail in the twisted collar. The volume in the sleeve adds drama, but is still subtle enough that it’s commercial (enter buzzwords from Project Runway).

Little Mix Official Calendar 2021 Look #1

They’re hiding some of their most outlandish and cool looks in an A3 calendar that only the most elite (me) will be devoted enough to own. This dress has been on my mind since the moment I saw it and I’m craving a dupe like yesterday. The rich colour of the dress is heavenly! Not to mention the skill to ruche fabric and still have it appear slim fitting and figure hugging is gold for this designer! The vinyl type fabric is also such a superstar moment, deflecting light at every angle. Glad I will own this moment forever.

Little Mix Official Calendar 2021 Look #2

When they do it right once for a project, they make sure to do it right again. Category is body and Leigh is serving every angle. A cut out over the stomach is daring and the thong moment takes you back to sweeter days. I can’t image this dress on anyone else. And the hair: are you kidding? I love black celebrities reclaiming these hairstyles that are looked at as ‘unprofessional’ and instead adding connotations of class and elegance. She’s just so cool.

Press Day

I adore her more outlandish and bold looks, but I also appreciate a more commercial outfit. This outfit speaks to me as someone who lives in black and works a 9-5 for a fashion company. All black can be plain and boring, but the contrasting fabrics help to elevate and add a dimension. The belt ties in well with the cuff detail as if the two can’t be separated. Also, this oversized leather collar is so gorgeous! A classic button up shirt can feel a little masculine, but this detail helps to soften and feminise a wardrobe staple.

Jonathan Ross Sweet Melody Performance Outfit

Little Mix have the best stage outfits in the game, period! Leigh is no stranger to showing a little skin and this is a great way to do it. It’s got sex appeal without baring everything. The fit is like a second skin. I can’t explain it, but it’s as clear as day how good she looks.

Think About Us Music Video Look

At the height of the trend, it was hard to look away from Leigh’s interpretation. Bangs, ¾ length short bodysuit and sock boots. I wanted to include an outfit that was very clearly trendy. Her style is versatile, she takes risks and abides by the status quo. The concept for the music video was more toned down and a queen knows how to adapt. Leigh-Anne + bangs = match made in heaven. She does it so well.

Queen of Coats (One I’ve Been Missing, ASOS Collab)

If Leigh-Anne is going to wear a coat, it’s going to be gorgeous. It’s also probably going to be long, leather and maybe with a faux fur detail. Almost instantly selling out, this ASOS collab coat is a neutral piece that suits almost any outfit. After seeing Leigh in One I’ve Been Missing, I’ve had trouble identifying a long leather coat with anything other than Leigh.

Well that was my love letter to Leigh-Anne. I could have added so many more looks, but these were the elite few that stood out to me. I’m obsessed with her style if that wasn’t clear and I realise how much I’m influenced by her style. Definitely one of my style icons!

That was Day 4! I hope to pay homage to the rest of the women that bring a smile to my face or make me cry with pure pride and joy. Thanks for sticking around! Which look was your favourite?


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