Where Do I See Myself in 10 Years

Where do I see myself in 10 years? I feel like this is a super common question to ask, almost like dire small talk. If I think back 10 years, I’m not sure I would have seen myself in this position having experienced my life as it has been. Not that I’m doing terribly, but I guess I was super optimistic and romantic and young at 12 and now life has had the chance to rough me around a bit so thinking to 32 might be more realistic.

Professionally, I hope to be in a respected position in a company. At that stage I will have had over a decade of experience in the field as well, that should count for something then. I want to be invited to every fashion show and be sent garments to wear just for the occasion. I hope to have an opinion that matters both as it is heard by people but also the confidence to say what I believe and feel. Putting these thoughts together, I guess I’m chasing a feeling more than experience or specific roles. Speaking of specific jobs, it would be cool to chase the career path of an Anna Wintour or Edward Enniful with all the power! A Carrie Bradshaw type is also appealing with more accent on freedom and flexibility in the industry. While I can see that professionally my life could be on the way to emulate these thoughts, personally I think life might not be as wild.

I’m sure most of us naively assumed at 12 that we’d be on the path to marriage at 25 with two kids by 30. A few years away from 25 and having enjoyed a single life up until now, I’m not hugely optimistic that this will dramatically change any time soon, but 10 years feels like a wealth of time. That time, of course, can be mistakes, fun and heartache which is more exciting to look forward to than March 9, 2031. On another hand, the part of me that’s excited to be a mother and eager to adopt when the time is right would love to imagine at least one child, but the other part of me knows there is no rush. It’s hard to imagine what life could be like when you start living it and realise how incredibly different everyone’s lives seem to be.

While Sweden has been good to me, I’m almost certain I will be somewhere else in the world. My dreams take me to London and I hope to be worthy of the New York I’ve imagined for all my life. Wherever I end up, I hope I will have found my home by then. At least home for the next 10 years.

Most importantly, I hope in 10 years I will feel and be different. The other accomplishments and goals are important, but it will be hard to enjoy it and feel successful if I can’t get over these mind blocks. I think understanding these mental blocks now is the start of 10 years for healing. All of the affirmations and healthy habits I’m working on now should hopefully feel more like second nature. That’s what I wish for most for myself in 10 years, to be closer to whatever happiness is.


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